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Indoor Planters with Smart Tips for Better Plants

Indoor Planters with Smart Tips for Better Plants

Indoor planters are always great natural interior decors which will transform your house into a fresh indoor garden. Nowadays many people aim for adding this kind of indoor garden inside their houses and it becomes a trend. For that, in order to achieve better result, there are some helpful tips as how these plants will accentuate your interior look better.

Caring and Maintaining Tips for Indoor Planters

First, you should never tip tea and coffee into the plant containers. Remember that sugar contained in those drinks will make a really ideal breeding ground for the flies. Of course the flies around plants are not pleasing. Then, in order to reduce noise, it is better to use trough planters as the natural screens. Furthermore, those are useful as barriers to separate walkways and other functions. Indoor planters surely will appear better with these trough planters.

Second, peat free compost is cited best for the indoor plants as how it is very suitable for all types. Peat free compost has benefits which impact both on your indoor garden and as well as for the environment. This compost causes better efficient carbon emission and it is bio degradable waste. Plus, it is high nutrient which means that you do not need to use any fertilizer anymore. Furthermore, with peat free compost, indoor planters will grow stronger.

Third, of course you should notice on light and water consumption of the plants. You should know that the variegated plants with the white edges or white flecks often need more lights than the greener plants. For watering, remember that overwatering plants is unhealthy because they absorb more water. Indoor planters should pay attention about these two things more because the application will be different with the outdoor plants as how they can get direct sunlight and water right from the nature.

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